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How much dedicated time do you have to curate exceptional artisanal foods?

With customers that hold you to high standards it takes hard work, resources, and connections to continue to provide them with sensational, trendy, and compelling products.

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As a buyer of specialty foods, you already have a full plate!

Larry Johnson, known as the “Go-To Guy” Artisanal Brand Curator, will always introduce the latest, compelling offerings in the artisanal food industry. Say goodbye to missing out on the hottest food brands and the newest trends. Say hello to tailored solutions.

Work with Larry...It's Super Simple!

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Contact Larry to set up an appointment and discover tailored business solutions or catering services.

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Prepare for a unique tasting experience, whether in-house or virtual.

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Place your order and in no time, you will have new products to offer.

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Watch your delighted customers and guests savoring your uniquely curated artisanal brands.



Sustainably farmed wines with flavor profiles that are serious enough for a glass, but vivacious enough to be sipped out of a can.

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Nothing says self-care like nutrient-dense dark date-sweetened chocolate dipped superfood fruits high in dietary fiber and antioxidants.

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Calm in a can™️ | Leilo provides non-alcoholic relaxation with kava and l-theanine. Only 40 calories in each can.

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As a superfood and ‘good for you’ bread-crumb alternative, Cauli Crunch supports a healthier lifestyle and is gluten-free, non-GMO, all natural, kosher and vegan.

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Produced in a micro coffee roastery, your specialty grade, wholesale coffee order is fresh roasted specifically for you then shipped within hours. We do not warehouse roasted coffee.

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