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LRJ Foods is pleased to announce our affiliation with Lido di Manhattan Restaurant & Bar. With this expanded capability, we are now proudly serving all of Southern California. With renowned South Bay restaurateur Lisa Hemmatt bringing the magic of her restaurants and food staff to LRJ Foods and its clients, you are guaranteed a delicious, unforgettable gastronomic experience!

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Why Choose Us

Let us be the secret ingredient to your next event!

Customized Menus

From formal board meetings to themed celebrations, we craft bespoke menus tailored to your event’s theme and preferences. Every dish is a masterpiece, reflecting our passion for culinary creativity.

No Event Too Big
or Too Small:

Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a grand corporate affair, we cater to all. No event is too big or too small for us – your satisfaction is our priority.

Exceptional LA Based Team:

Our team comprises skilled professional chefs, attentive wait-staff, and expert bartenders, ensuring seamless service at every event. We bring unparalleled expertise and dedication to your table, leaving you free to enjoy your event to the fullest.

Culinary Diversity:

We celebrate culinary diversity. Our menu options encompass a wide array of flavors, addressing various cultural, health, and dietary considerations. Whether you crave classic comfort food or gourmet international delights, we have you covered.

Impeccable Service

Your satisfaction is our mission. We take pride in our impeccable service, paying attention to every detail and anticipating your needs. From the first consultation to the final bite, we ensure a flawless catering experience.

Memorable Events
One Bite at a Time:

We understand the power of great food in creating unforgettable memories. Let us be the secret ingredient to your next event, turning moments into cherished memories one delectable bite at a time.

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