The making of incredible Tahini starts in the seeds!

FUN Sesames Products are made solely from a unique breed of sesame seeds Called Humera, which is cultivated in the fertile soils of Humera, Ethiopia, where the climate is ideal for the growth of this potent seed.

‘Humera’ Sesame seeds have a sweet and rich nutty flavor. Thanks to its high nutrients and fatty acids which give the Tahini a smooth and creamy texture, as opposed to the thicker, pastier texture produced by other  Sesame seeds.

Tahini is the #1 Middle-Eastern condiment

Tal grew up enjoying flavors from around the world. Even though her family couldn’t afford culinary luxuries,  the dinner table was always fresh, colorful, and tasty.

One of the few staples on the table was Tahini!

Whether they spread it in their pita bread, dressed it on their Shakshuka or dipped veggies in it – Tahini made it taste better.  

​Tal founded FUN Sesames because she is passionate about even the simplest of foods being enhanced with the right thing, Tahini.

Yes, bigger than ketchup!

FUN starts with a fun team!

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