Luxury is by definition: superior performance, exclusivity, innovation, excellent craftsmanship, and sophistication in aesthetics.

Then we selected an incredibly efficient distilling system to provide highest quality spirit products built by Bavarian-Holstein Partners. Ever since, we have been using local and other highly qualified ingredients to contribute the most aroma and flavor to the end-results.

Lovable aroma, great flavor resulting from the select California Non-GMO corn, flavorful malt and rye, sugarcane, and a special collection of herbs from the most exotic places of the Earth. Spirits with no headache-causing sulphur compounds and other undesirable substances.

Our spirits undergone in real aging and maturation, resulting in maximum benefits from the barrels coopered from carefully selected and engineered oak, as opposed to various “accelerated” processes.          

We firmly believe that extraordinary success requires extraordinary quality.
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