Calm In A Can

Leilo’s story starts on the south coast of Fiji, where locals have been cultivating and enjoying kava for generations. Inspired by the island lifestyle, our Leilo was started with a simple goal in mind: to counterbalance the caffeinated, “work hard, play hard” culture of our time.

After two years researching and refining their concept, insisting on the best ingredients and sustainable sourcing straight from the south pacific. this quest for perfection led Leilo to a patent-pending, revolutionary product that not only helps people feel good, but they can feel good about drinking in the first place.

Our premium noble kava extract is sourced from growers in vanuatu who have sustainably cultivated kava root for thousands of years without fertilizers or pesticides. Leilo is then packaged in the US with 100% recyclable materials, because we’re all about keeping our planet clean!

Calm in a can™️ | Leilo provides non-alcoholic relaxation with kava and l-theanine. Only 40 calories in each can.
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