Sustainably farmed wines with flavor profiles that are serious enough for a glass, but vivacious enough to be sipped out of a can.

All of our wines are sourced from vineyards with responsible farming practices, and winemakers who engage in low-intervention winemaking with no chemical manipulation. Our wines are vegan, low sulfur, and fermented dry. So you can be 100% confident you’re drinking serious sommelier-quality wine from every can.

Nomadica is a collection of wines, thoughtfully curated by sommelier Kristin Olszewski. We’re making wine a stress free experience. Our mission is to bring the sommelier experience beyond the fine dining restaurant, wherever you are.


Made from grapes harvested early to preserve acidity, our White is alive with opulence and texture. Notes of green apple and lemon blossom harmonize with almond and vanilla. This wine can stand on its own as an aperitif or stand up to your finest alfresco dinner.


A medley of dark red fruit meets ornate hints of bay leaf, clove, and the spice of Darjeeling tea. Bright and zippy with a backdrop of brooding intensity, this go-to red pairs well with every occasion.

We believe wine should be an experience.

Grapes, yeast and time create a true living beverage; that beautiful moment where wine mingles with air and begins to evolve. Nomadica’s Founder and Sommelier will guide you to your new favorite wines.

The can is the canvas

We partner with artists from around the world and carefully select artwork that evokes the tasting notes and origin story to visually represent each wine’s unique attributes.

Sparkling White

Lively citrus and honeydew melon. The faintest kiss of nectarine. Fresh saline minerality and sizzling frizzante. This wine sings of white sand, warm days, and relaxation — it’s the closest thing there is to a seaside vacation in a can.

Sparkling Rosé

At first, this wine hums with the zing of raspberry, but then is interspersed with droplets of refreshing, mineral-rich water that cut in cool like rain on a hot August day. So clean and pure, it’s the beverage the equivalent of a hydrating face mist.


The coastal variety found in this wine savors of peak-of-season strawberries and undertones of freshly picked sage, rose petals, and violets. All in all, it’s like a trip to a Sunday farmer’s market.

We care deeply about sustainability. We manifest this both in our wines and our packaging. Our wines are carefully sourced from growers who practice sustainable farming methods. And cans are 400x lighter than glass bottles – reducing emissions from shipping by up to 80%.

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Sustainably farmed wines with flavor profiles that are serious enough for a glass, but vivacious enough to be sipped out of a can.

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