Authentic East Coast inspired soft pretzels are now available in Los Angeles with a West Coast twist!

LR Johnson Associates has partnered with West Coast Pretzels, Inc. to bring authentic East Coast inspired soft pretzels with a West Coast twist to Los Angeles. Available In a variety of styles and flavors these vegan pretzels can be served as an appetizer, bar snack or even as a deli sandwich bun!

West Coast Pretzels, Inc. a bakery and retail shop located in Sun Valley, hand rolls and twists every pretzel before they begin their 18–24-hour cold proof.

Traditional shapes include NY, Philly and German Swabian and Bavarian twists to pretzel braids, knots or nuggets which can be topped with salt, sesame seeds, everything, onion, or as a baldy (no salt). Specialty pretzels include a Jack & Cheddar cheese pretzel, jalapeno cheese pretzel, pretzel pizza, and pretzel wrapped hot dogs in both meat and vegan options.

No matter the style or flavor, West Coast pretzels are always delivered fresh-baked. Easy to freeze. No reheating necessary. No extra effort on your limited staff time.
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